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Abe(r) Abe(r) | Recycling my Trash

Animated - bizarre - extraordinary - (rare)
Accidentally - batty - exceptional - (remarkable)

An english language violater with a mission: Clean the Harddisk, but verwurste all unused clips before.

Gilde: Laget Om
Server: Das Syndikat
Dwarf with a rat in his pants: Samman
Others: Canislupus, Lynnea, Ngar and many others ...
Many Others: All others except the others.

Music: kamiza / yt - however daunlohdbar hier:

Ich greete alle Styluschen und 1337speakers. Ihr seid voll Fett!
/yell u mofus & antiemos!

wiff lartsch rigards,
4B3L4RD l1nd54Y

Noisy Sound Samples taken from

plagasul Long_scream
NoiseCollector Jillys_sonar
thanvannispen women_scream_AAA
man cavallicorsa
Dynamicell Fire_Forest_Inferno
suonho ELEMENTS_WATER_01_Underwater
LG Old_sick_piano_01
digifishmusic Inflight Ambience & Scuba_1
lonemonk Approx_850_Enthusiast_Audience
ERH grod 11_animal_5
themfish bulb_smash
yewbic ambience02
reinsamba morning_in_the_forest_2007_04_15
scarbelly25 flamewind
stomachache weirdo1
JohnnyDiamond Falldown
BenKoning FilmFlopping
qubodup swosh_22
Robinhood 76 00345_massive_scream_1.wav
hoersturz 20080511_jura_montagne_de_romont_cowbells
Benboncan whoosh & Rewind_Mixture & Till_With_Bell
HerbertBoland Sheeheep
nextmaking kung_fu_punch
Timbre 6729_Leady_insane_laughter_man_reverb_Beefier
Tomlija tape_calculator & drunk_kids_in_the_park_laughing_like_crazy

from World of Warcraft
Activision / Blizzard entertainment